[Bilingual English – Tiếng Việt] Shout out to Spain for making the (most likely) first Spanish movie about Vietnam up to date Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam (also known as Thi Mai, 99 minutes long). As a Vietnamese living abroad for a big chunk of my life, I don’t recall how many times I have responded “Where’s Vietnam?”. It’s only

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[Bilingual English – Tiếng Việt] It was in Venice, how romantic it is to break a bed. I wasn’t alone, I didn’t single-handedly break a bed. It was… collective effort. Unfortunately, it was not for the juicy reason you’re thinking. It was my second time in Venice, I came again to reunite with my Spanish

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This November marks my first anniversary living in Spain, or Spainiversary! There was one point I thought Spain would not happen because the visa complication was taking a toll on me, and then one year went by in the blink of an eye. One year is not a lot but enough to hold countless of

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Thương gửi mẹ, Con vừa đi Cuba về, 10 ngày thôi. Mạng ở đây rất hiếm và yếu nên mẹ gọi con không nghe được máy chứ không mất tích đi đâu hết.  Đi Cuba giống như đi ngược thời gian vậy đó, thấy cái gì cũng cổ cổ xưa xưa, làm con nhớ lại

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In 2013, one week before my flight to Cancún and eventually to Havana, I got so sick that ended up canceling my ticket and I’m glad I did. More than four years later, I finally made it and was actually happy I didn’t rush going in 2013 because I got to explore the country more in depth

Day 1: Arrive in Havana in the evening, money exchange, try sharing a cab to the city center, check in to accommodation; Day 2: Explore the Old Havana, take a walking tour around the historical center (The tour I took lasted 3,5 hours and packed with A LOT of great information.);  Day 3-4: Viñales: hike

“Fresh herbs, lots of vegetables and seafood, and cooking techniques that use water or broth instead of oils — these are some of the standout qualities of Vietnamese food,” described Annie Corapi as Vietnamese food lies among CNN’s top 10 healthiest cuisines in the world. And more importantly, it’s delicious! The combination of different flavors and textures is

Chinh phục nhiều đỉnh núi nổi tiếng từ Hoàng Sơn (Huangshan), Trung Quốc đến Rinjani ở Lombok, Indonesia, đạp xe dọc Dương Sóc (Yangshuo), lặn bình khí ở Philippines rồi phi ngựa ở Mông Cổ, với Lê Minh Quý, những chuyến đi chỉ trọn vẹn khi kết hợp với các hoạt động ngoài trời mang

Do Vietnamese eat dogs?

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We all have misconceptions about a culture we’re not familiar with. Like any country, Vietnam has a number of stereotypes and surely many of which are inaccurate. As a born & raised Saigonese, I find myself explaining the same misunderstandings multiple times about my imperfect lovable tiny densely-populated country Vietnam. Of course I cannot speak for more

Theo đuổi ước mơ chu du thế giới bằng xe Honda Wave ở tuổi 31, Trần Đặng Đăng Khoa không phải là cái tên lạ lẫm với dân “phượt” và giới đam mê du lịch Việt. Anh em hẹn nhau ở Ý không thành, mình tranh thủ gọi hỏi thăm lúc anh đang ở miền Tây

My 3 amazing days in Porto

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Porto, Portugal has got to be one of my favorite destinations for a weekend trip: stunning architect, chill vibe, lots of characters, beautiful landscape, affordable delicious food and friendly people, I don’t know what more can you possibly ask for. In fact, I’ve been questioning myself why am I not living here already! Day 1:

Are you having a long layover in Palma de Mallorca or just looking for ways to spend your first day on the island most efficiently? I got you covered, with a bit of help from a Spanish local who has spent some years living here. First off all, Palma de Mallorca is an awesome place to