A friend recently called and told me how uninspired she’d been feeling towards work – a desirable managing position in a prestigious company. “I find my job boring and I feel unmotivated,” she said. Somehow she just described how I’d felt. I have the same job for three years now. I work directly under the


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Spoiler Alerts: It’s great! Working remotely can get lonely and you want to reach out to more like-minded peeps. Digital nomad retreats sound like a good idea but there are so many of them out there, which one to pick? I’ve searched through several options: Wifi Tribe, Unsettled and more. At the end I decided to go to Cape

Du lịch Ethiopia có gì hay? Toạ lạc ở đông Phi, Ethiopia có khá nhiều điều thú vị mà thế giới ít biết đến. Thứ nhất là cảnh đẹp, đẹp nhức nhối, đẹp không đụng hàng luôn. Thứ hai là người đẹp. Nội hai lý do này thôi là đủ để lên đường rồi đúng

I lived in the US from when I was 17 to 23 years old, from high school through college. That’s a big chunk of life for a not-yet-thirty-year-old. The US was home to many of my first’s: first job, first kiss, first car, first bill under my name, first saving account, etc. For a long

When I told my mom that I’d be going to Ethiopian, she asked me with her eyes wide open, “Where is Ethiopia?”After being pointed out its location in Eastern Africa and bordered with Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan, etc., her concerns now shifted to safety and what is there to see. Let me first say, Ethiopia

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Can a non-EU travel within the Schengen Area with only the EU residence card? The short answer is no. Wait, what? I thought there’s free movement within the Schengen Area? Well, not really, it depends.  Here’s the long story about how I found that out the hard way.  My flight from Madrid to Toulouse (France) was at

Not all passports are created equally, some possess more border-crossing power than others. This seems obvious but sometimes when you’re so used to not having to worry about visa application, you might forget how difficult it is for some of us. In that sense, the Vietnamese nationality doesn’t have good standing. More than 40 countries

[Bilingual English – Tiếng Việt] Shout out to Spain for making the (most likely) first Spanish movie about Vietnam up to date Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam (also known as Thi Mai, 99 minutes long). As a Vietnamese living abroad for a big chunk of my life, I don’t recall how many times I have responded “Where’s Vietnam?”. It’s only

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[Bilingual English – Tiếng Việt] It was in Venice, how romantic it is to break a bed. I wasn’t alone, I didn’t single-handedly break a bed. It was… collective effort. Unfortunately, it was not for the juicy reason you’re thinking. It was my second time in Venice, I came again to reunite with my Spanish

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This November marks my first anniversary living in Spain, or Spainiversary! There was one point I thought Spain would not happen because the visa complication was taking a toll on me, and then one year went by in the blink of an eye. One year is not a lot but enough to hold countless of

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Thương gửi mẹ, Con vừa đi Cuba về, 10 ngày thôi. Mạng ở đây rất hiếm và yếu nên mẹ gọi con không nghe được máy chứ không mất tích đi đâu hết.  Đi Cuba giống như đi ngược thời gian vậy đó, thấy cái gì cũng cổ cổ xưa xưa, làm con nhớ lại

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In 2013, one week before my flight to Cancún and eventually to Havana, I got so sick that ended up canceling my ticket and I’m glad I did. More than four years later, I finally made it and was actually happy I didn’t rush going in 2013 because I got to explore the country more in depth