“Đi xa cũng giống như đi shopping vậy đó, thay vì mua sắm quần áo và vật chất thì mình mua kinh nghiệm, mua kiến thức. Nó cũng là một cách làm đẹp nhưng làm đẹp tâm hồn thay vì hình thức.” Mình gặp Nam những ngày cuối năm 2014 tại hostel Pirwa mình đang

Sinh ra và lớn lên miền “đất cằn sỏi đá” miền Trung, vào Nam học đại học rồi tiếp tục lập nghiệp, Ánh Nhân làm hết sức mà cũng đi hết mình. Chị em biết nhau cũng qua một thời cầu lông xập xình, nhạc Thuỳ Chi karaoke một show rồi kéo bầy đàn đi

Picos de Europa national park is one of Spain’s largest nature reserves situated in the north of the country. English Wikipedia would tell you that Picos de Europa is the literal translation of Peaks of Europe which is true, but a Spaniard would translate “picos” as pecks or little kisses. It’s one of those places that are picture-perfect everywhere you turn

Nhân dịp Málaga có lễ hội lớn (feria), mình mượn cớ diện đồ flamenco hoành tráng luôn mặc dù không hề biết nhảy, ý tưởng từ chị Paulina từ blog song ngữ Anh – Tây Ban Nha “Paulina on the road” mà ra. Đây là đồ truyền thống của phụ nữ vùng Andalusia miền nam

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Nerja makes a great day-trip if you’re already in the province of Málaga and/or look for an alternative of Málaga capital. I’m a fan of Málaga and keep coming back here. But I also love exploring new places and Nerja was a great find, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like myself. It’s is part of the La

For the Feria de Málaga, I decided to go all out with a flamenco dress (traje de gitana / traje de flamenca), which is traditionally worn by women the Andalusia region of Spain during ferias (festivals). The gorgeous Paulina on The Road was the one who planted the idea in my head in the first place.

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Bolivia: First Time Q&A

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[English – Tiếng Việt] “I’m traveling to La Paz, Bolivia this summer for studying abroad and I’m a little nervous because I’ve never flown anywhere out of the country before and my sisters keep scaring me about traveling down south…” a young friend recently wrote to me (not that I’m old, she’s just younger). I

[English – Tiếng Việt] You know the thrill, this charming southern beach city doesn’t lack sun, fun and chill vibes. However, there are more about Málaga that capture my heart. Here are my top picks for Málaga City that you’ll enjoy (if you’re guessing Pimpi bar or Picasso Museum make the list, keep on reading because they don’t). 

A Compact Tour of Malta

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[English – Tiếng Việt] Three main reasons for me to visit Malta were: (i) I’ve always been intrigued to go to smaller countries (in case of Malta, 316ksq), (ii) air ticket was a steal flying from Madrid (roughly €50 round trip with Ryan Air) and (iii) the best of all was to visit the always fabulous Monica,

[English – Tiếng Việt]  Rejections are never easy whether from love, school, job applications, or entrance at border. This is the story about how  I got rejected by the Bulgarian customs at the airport.  Madrid airport:  7:30pm  While waiting in line at customs, I realized my Spanish foreigner’s ID card (tarjeta de identidad extranjera) was

[English – Tiếng Việt] I got robbed for the third time in South America, this time in La Paz, Bolivia (the first two were in Peru). With a minor panic attack, I ran into Tatiana on my way back to Pirwa – the hostel where we were working at the time, she at the reception

[English – Tiếng Việt] Portugal is only a few hours bus ride away from Spain I’d be stupid for not taking advantage of it while still living in the area. So I went with my good friend / fellow backpacker Andrew whom I met in South America. Portugal is relatively cheap compared to the rest

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