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Ho Chi Minh city

Are you looking for potential Vietnamese suppliers or business partners? Are you frustrated because all your cold emailing effort gets ignored? Are you disappointed because all the important information is not available in English or not up to date? Or are you just starting, not sure where to begin to search?

Welcome to the inevitable and authentic first step of doing business with Vietnam!

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies and most dynamic markets in the world. The country GDP is steadily soaring, the import – exports doors are wide open with an incessant amount of free trade agreements with other Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, the Pacific Ocean and the list goes on.

However, getting into the market isn’t always the easiest thing. Most official websites are only available in Vietnamese. Long and overly-formal first emails and phone calls speaking a foreign language tend to get ignored. And more challenges.

Please note that building that personal relationship along side with the business is important. Despite English being the universal language in doing business, speaking Vietnamese just facilitates all possible complications. Having that trusted “face” is vital.

So, let me give you a hand!

I’ve been trained professionally in international relations and international business as I hold a genuine interest in bringing Vietnam to the world. I have worked for a European Union organization helping EU companies do business with Vietnam and carry out. I help international clients across different industries sell to and buy from Vietnam.

Not only do I speak the language, I also communicate effectively in the right manner (that business savvy attitude and cultural sensitivity in me come in handy). I also speak Vietnamese, English, and Spanish on a daily basis, and Mandarin Chinese probably on a whenever-I-go-to-a-Chinese-restaurant basis.

Above all, I’m committed to deliver. Drop me a line today and we can have a chat about how to best tackle your business with Vietnam.

What people have said about me:

“Wow, you did an outstanding job! I just arrived from Vietnam this morning. It was a great trip, the conference was very useful and I managed to see four factories you got in touch with before the trip and five others. I hope I can convert some into our suppliers in the next few months.” – Christian D. (Ponto International)”

Anh has managed projects for European companies wanting to expand to Vietnam and was able to adapt to the different industries at hand. Her sense of communication makes her a very likeable person and she has a unique ability to develop relationships with people from various backgrounds. Anh is Vietnamese and easily passes as a native American speaker.” – Philip E. (former business manager of EU – Vietnam Business Network)

“Anh also demonstrated great integrity towards her clients. She is honest and truly cares about her clients’ needs and how to maximize their business potential in Vietnam.” – Thao N. (legal advisor)

“Her people’s skills paired with a strong customer focus made her succeed in her position as Business Development Officer. She advised a number of European enterprises from various industries on market access to Vietnam, developed long-lasting professional relationships for EVBN with both clients and partners and presented our project in a knowledgeable and professional manner at all times.” – Adina T. (EU – Vietnam Business Network Deputy Director)

“Su desempeño profesional y su comportamiento personal me permiten recomendarla ampliamente.” (Anh’s professional performance and personality allow me to widely recommend her.) – Rocío U. (EF Madrid)