[Bilingual English – Tiếng Việt] Shout out to Spain for making the (most likely) first Spanish movie about Vietnam up to date Thi Mai, rumbo a Vietnam (also known as Thi Mai, 99 minutes long). As a Vietnamese living abroad for a big chunk of my life, I don’t recall how many times I have responded “Where’s Vietnam?”. It’s only

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Theo đuổi ước mơ chu du thế giới bằng xe Honda Wave ở tuổi 31, Trần Đặng Đăng Khoa không phải là cái tên lạ lẫm với dân “phượt” và giới đam mê du lịch Việt. Anh em hẹn nhau ở Ý không thành, mình tranh thủ gọi hỏi thăm lúc anh đang ở miền Tây

Nhân dịp Málaga có lễ hội lớn (feria), mình mượn cớ diện đồ flamenco hoành tráng luôn mặc dù không hề biết nhảy, ý tưởng từ chị Paulina từ blog song ngữ Anh – Tây Ban Nha “Paulina on the road” mà ra. Đây là đồ truyền thống của phụ nữ vùng Andalusia miền nam

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[English – Tiếng Việt] You know the thrill, this charming southern beach city doesn’t lack sun, fun and chill vibes. However, there are more about Málaga that capture my heart. Here are my top picks for Málaga City that you’ll enjoy (if you’re guessing Pimpi bar or Picasso Museum make the list, keep on reading because they don’t). 

[English – Tiếng Việt] I’ve been in Madrid for three months now and already moved way more than I would have ever expected. Here are some housing situations you’d rather avoid but I somehow went through them all. #1 The couch potato roommate. I shared a two-bedroom apartment in Usera found via Spotahome with the live-in

Student House Hunting in Madrid

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[English – Tiếng Việt] So you’re moving to Madrid as a student and stressed looking for a room to rent. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Compared to some big cities in the United States and other Western Europe countries, the rent here doesn’t brutally drain your wallet. And the contracting is rather lenient. What might